15 Interesting Smoking Facts and Effects on Your Health

Smoking is a deadly habit with a variety of consequences on your long-term future. It’s common to hear about the link between smoking and lung cancer, but cigarettes can lead to a whole host of other related health problems. But smoking isn’t just a medical danger; it’s also a multi-billion dollar business, a cultural phenomenon that transcends geographic borders, and a point of heavy contention between those who smoke and those who don’t. The way smoking is handled by the government and advertising agencies has changed dramatically over the years, but smoking still maintains a certain degree of popularity. This happens despite people knowing that each cigarette can contains things like formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and lead. Perhaps the most threatening ingredient of all is nicotine which is the primary addictive agent that hooks smokers to the habit. No matter where you fall in the smoking debate it is undeniable that smoking itself is an intriguing topic.

Here are some smoking facts that you might find interesting to learn.

1. Light (or lite) cigarettes offer little to no health benefits over regular cigarettes. Studies have shown that people will either smoke more of these light cigarettes or puff harder, both resulting in nearly the same levels of toxins and nicotine consumed.

2. Most smokers begin smoking in their teenage years. In fact if a person has not started smoking by the age 29 it is highly unlikely that they will ever develop the habit. Some younger people start because they believe it will help them to lose weight or stay skinny.

3. While it would seem unusual to young people today, smoking used to be common in places like hospitals, doctor’s offices, and airplanes. Nowadays you will find bans on smoking in restaurants and bars, something that would be unimaginable in decades past. The proof of second-hand smoking damage is the greatest contributor to public smoking bans.

4. Kids with two parents who smoke are twice as likely to become smokers themselves when they grow up.

5. Women who smoke while pregnant have a higher risk of having babies with birth defects, lung problems, and lighter birth weights. Nicotine can also be passed on to babies through breast milk.

Quickfire Smoking Facts

Nearly 20 percent of American deaths can be linked to tobacco and cigarettes.

Cigarettes commonly contain at least 12 well-known carcinogens and recent tests have shown a rise in nicotine put into each cigarette.

Smoking can stain your fingers yellow where you hold your cigarettes.

Calculated smoking facts and figures has shown than raising taxes on cigarettes has not shown to have much of an impact on quitting.

The calming and relaxing effects people claim to get from smoking are not proven to be real, and more likely to be made up in a person’s head.

Smokers are ten times more likely to develop lung cancer.

Second-hand smoke kills up to 50 000 Americans every year.

The tobacco industry generates over 400 billion dollars each year.

Selling cigarettes to someone who is underage is illegal, but it is not illegal for that underage buyer to actually smoke them.

Cigarettes are a form of currency in some countries.

Incorporating more exercise into your daily routine helps with the quitting process.

Back to the Smoking Facts…

6. The number of worldwide smokers hovers around the 1.2 billion mark. About one fourth of these smokers live in China and they are the fastest rising market for cigarette consumption.

7. Cigarette filters are made of a compound called cellulose acetate. They can take up to ten years to decompose and trillions on them are discarded into the natural environment on a yearly basis.

8. If you were to ingest 5-6 cigarettes orally, there is a good chance you will develop serious conditions related to nicotine poisoning. You could even die. In smoke form, a smoker only gets a few milligrams of nicotine per cigarette with the rest being burned off.

9. Within a century, smoking is expected to lead to roughly one billion deaths. The costs on health care are staggering, especially if you look at numbers that include all smoking-related conditions.

10. President Barack Obama is a smoker who is currently trying to kick the habit. Other presidential smokers included Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, John F Kennedy.

11. Although exact estimates differ, you can expect to lose anywhere between 14-20 years off your life if you are a smoker. Of course these are based on general statistics and there are cases of people who die much younger, or live much longer. In other terms, smoking one cigarette will cut off nearly 11 minutes off your life.

12. Despite not being allowed to have ads on TV or even on the internet, cigarettes and tobacco are the most heavily advertised products in America. The last day that tobacco companies were allowed to have ads on TV was January 1st, 1971. Prior to that ads could be seen on the air regularly and some characters such as the Flinstones endorsed cigarettes openly during on commercials for their shows.

13. Smoking is the biggest cause of preventable disease and kills more people than murder, AIDS, drugs, animal attacks, and car accidents combined. It’s even more deadly when there are other health concerns such as heart problems or high cholesterol levels.

14. Smoking has a profound effect on a person’s appearance. It can lead to wrinkles, dry skin, age spots, thinner cells walls and yellow teeth. Smoking will also cause bad breathe and create a smell that is very difficult to remove from clothing.

15. One of the most powerful smoking facts is that it creates a powerful addiction on par with heroin and cocaine. And yet it is very difficult to find programs specifically tailored to smokers similar to drug treatment facilities or sober living environments. In fact, most drug treatment facilities allow patients to smoke as a way of coping with withdrawals from other substances.

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