How to Lose Belly Fat for Men in 1 Week

Losing belly fat on a strict deadline requires great discipline and a combination of proper diet and an excellent exercise plan. Before starting with your plan you must understand that diet and exercise can only help you up to a certain level. Other factors such as sleeping habits and schedule, stress levels, amount of visceral fat and the intensity of the workout play an important role as well.

Read the following article for step by step guide on how to lose belly fat for men in 1 week.

1. Lose Fat, Not Energy

You should cut on your carbs and fat intake but you must eat properly to maintain your body energy. Even when you are trying to lose your belly flat, an adult male should consume at least 1700 calories to keep the body running and focus on fat loss rather than survival.

2. Sleep Light, Sleep Tight

Whether or not you are trying to lose fat, always take a light meal before you go to bed. There is no physical activity while sleeping and thus it is hard for the body to burn calories. Unburned and poorly processed calories accumulate as fat cells especially around the waist.

Also, do not cut down below the minimum required 6 hours of sleep. Your body refreshes and rebuilds your muscles while you sleep.

Define a time to go to bed and stick to it no matter what. You need to allow your body to set your body clock.

3. Concentrate on Abs Related Strength Training Exercises

To lose your belly fat, alternate between cardio and strength training. While strength training must be the focus, do not skip out cardio. Get out of your house or gym at least once a day.

Some strength training exercises may not seem to be direly focusing on the stomach region, but they are more effective than the ones which do. For example bench press and squats highly utilize the stomach muscles.

4. Stuff Yourself With Proteins

As compared to any other food, processing proteins require the highest amount of calories to be burned. Proteins have some other advantages as well. They do not accumulate as fat cells, are easy to break down and increase your body metabolism.

However, excess of anything is bad. Protein sources such as egg, meat, etc. are also a source of fat. So eating excess of these foods will do more harm than good. Opt for low fat protein sources such as egg whites and fish.

5. Increase Your Body Metabolism

No matter how hard you try, you won’t get any results unless your body is able to burn fat cells at a pace matching your workout. The efficiency of your body to burn calories is called your body metabolism. Low metabolic rate is one of the prime reasons for obesity and fat accumulation.

There are certain ways to increase your body metabolism. Some instant ways to do so are discussed below.

  • Manipulating eating habits can alter your metabolic rate for good. Take small portions of meal at regular intervals. This bounds your body to work consistently without overload.
  • Don’t bail out on breakfast. Your body works all night to process your dinner. Give it something in the morning to work upon. If you skip your breakfast, the process is broken and your body goes back to storing fat cell instead of burning them.
  • Proteins are also very helpful in increasing metabolism. Though protein molecules are easy to break, they require a lot of calories to do so. Also, the fat associated with protein molecules gets processed more efficiently.

6. Do Not Try Everything Simultaneously

Most of the people working on losing their belly fat try everything they know or hear about. While it’s certainly good to make a comprehensive plan, understand what a particular exercise or method is all about before applying it on your body.

7. Define Intensity and Frequency of Your Workout

This is something you should really focus on. Intensity and frequency are not the same and don’t work similarly for different exercises. For losing your belly fat, you should definitely increase the intensity of all your exercises while frequency is something you can decide on your own depending on your capacity.

In cardio training, increasing your frequency will definitely yield better results. But you should keep the following points in mind while charting your exercise routine.

  • First of all, cardio starts burning fat cells only after a certain time of continuous exercise. In general, this time is 20 minutes in case of medium intensity workouts.
  • Second, doing too much cardio and that too for a long time can damage your muscles.

On the other hand, strength training gives better results with increased intensity and regularly paced intervals in the frequency. For quick fat loss, increase your weights but allow your body at least one day gap between two weight training sessions.

8. Use Free Weights for Real Results

Machines are for beginners. Real muscle and mass building happens with free weights. If you ask me ‘how to lose belly fat for men in 1 week?’; I would sincerely recommend you to use free weights.

Doing weight training with free weights requires more energy and body balance. Gravity plays a vital role in exercising with free weights. Balancing an unsupported weight over your head requires a lot of energy and burns a lot of calories.


Losing your belly fat in one week is certainly a herculean task but not an impossible one. If you follow the above guidelines, you will be surprised to see the amount of fat you can burn in 7 days. However, this rate will not continue over the time and following this regime for longer periods may not provide desired results.

If you need to lose huge amounts of belly fat in very less time, you can always go for surgery and procedures like liposuction. However, these procedures have their own side effects.

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  1. seki from bellybailout

    08/03/2016, 09:32 am

    I agree with you,i think in order to lose belly fat one need to combine healtly diet and some physical activities by this way the metabolism rate increases and one can loose weight the easy way.


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