Homeopathic Acne Treatment For Quick And Effective Acne Removal

Homeopathy is one of the most popular ways of treating acne. When you go for homeopathy treatment, you have to go through a full medical examination, case analysis that includes both your and your family’s medical history, physical and mental condition and so on. These inspections help the homeopath doctor to select appropriate medicines for you.

Homeopathic treatments are recommendable if you have acute acne. It retains your skin’s resistant power to fight acne. Though it takes much time in comparison to allopathic medicines, but it kills the bacteria totally and removes the malaise from its root.

1. Sulphur

You can go for this homeopathic acne treatment when your skin develops these features:

  • The affected area becomes reddish.
  • The acne causes intense itching.
  • The skin is hard and rough.
  • If you suffer from constipation.
  • It reduces all of these problems and helps maintain a healthy and glowing skin.

2. Sanguinaria

  • Disorder in menstrual periods.
  • Irregular blood circulation.
  • When acne breaks out due to these problems this homeopathic remedy works wonder.

3. Kali bromatum

  • This is perfect for the acne of face, body and shoulder.
  • This treatment is especially recommended for acne simplex and acne indurate especially in females.
  • This is prescribed when itching of the skin gets worse in shoulder, chest and face.

4. Antimonium crudum

  • When you have small and red pimples on face.
  • When pimples breakout due to gastric problems.
  • When you have white coated tongue.
  • When you have pustules.

5. Antimonium tarturium

  • When the acne affected area gets bluish red marks.
  • When the acne breaks out with large amount of puss.
  • It is also particularly prescribed for pustules.

6. Berberis aquifolium

  • This remedy is prescribed when you are suffering for long from rough and dry acne.

7. Natrum muriaticulam

  • This acne treatment works on the sebaceous glands, and helps reduce oil production in the hair follicle. As a result this is a helpful remedy for acne.
  • It focus remains on the patient’s type, his temperament and other general tendencies and symptoms.

8. Asterias Rubens

  • This is prescribed when you get pimples on your face during puberty.
  • When pimples breakout on the side of nose, chin and mouth.
  • The acne gets reddish.

9. Belladonna

  • This is the remedy for acne rosacea.
  • When your skin gets reddish and pale.
  • When pustules breakout on the face.
  • When your face gets red or bluish-red and swollen.

10. Hepar sulphur

  • When the papules spread and results in infection.
  • When the acne is painful.
  • When it bleeds.
  • When you have an unhealthy skin.
  • When your skin becomes highly sensitive to dust and impurities.

11. Calcaria silicata

  • When there is a problem of skin itching.
  • When the acne is inflammatory.
  • Good for highly sensitive skin.
  • When the skin is sensitive to cold.

12. Nux vomica

  • This is one of the best homeopathic remedies when the skin gets red.

13. Arsenicum iodatum

  • This is prescribed in severe problems of acne vulgaris.
  • This refers to a good acne treatment when the skin is dry and quite itchy.

14. Causticum

  • This is also useful for acne rosacea.
  • When the acne gives a burning and itching sensation.

15. Silica

  • When acnes are formed deep below the epidermal layer and your immunity cannot provide protection then this treatment is highly recommended for you.
  • When the infection makes you sweat a lot over night, this is prescribed for you.

In homeopathic treatment the dosage is a big factor. Take the dosage as per your doctor recommends. But always keep in mind that you can’t get the desired result immediately when you opt for homeopathic treatment.

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