Blood Sugar Testing – 11 Steps on How You Should Do It Properly

Blood sugar testing is necessary for all individuals afflicted with diabetes. Ordinary, an individual evaluates their own sugar amount through the use of meter and at times through strips obtainable in health stores. They can do it in their homes as well. The objective of blood sugar testing is to attain the sugar level closest next to the scale of a non-diabetic person. It is also important to perform blood sugar testing since the blood glucose amount cannot be exactly established through signs alone.

Recording Blood Sugar Testing

For the majority of individuals who want to obtain a better management for their condition, the usual recommended daily blood sugar examination is from four times or even beyond that. They also try to document the readings of the testing. Not only that, they try to take note about their consumption of carbohydrates as well as medicines or insulin intakes. Their record will help them alter their insulin dosages, diabetes medicines as well as meal preparation. The main basis of blood sugar testing is to enhance your blood glucose outcome and to sustain exceptional effects by the time your management objectives are obtained.

Frequency of Blood Sugar Testing

The regularity of conducting blood sugar tests differ according on the person’s treatment, objectives, and sources. As soon as a few alterations happens in food, workout, treatments, and ailments or even travels, additional checking should also be done. This may also depend on the type of diabetes he has, thus:

  • For type 1 diabetes, blood sugar testing should be done prior to having meals and going to sleep. If possible, it can be done one to two hours following meals and throughout the night as desired.
  • For type 2 diabetes, you can also do blood sugar testing one to two hours prior to meals and during bedtime, or one to two hours following meals as required.
  • Prior to starting the checking let your doctor demonstrate to you the excellent means of doing it.

Tips on How to Do the Blood Sugar Testing Properly

Apart from the tips mentioned above, there are other ways by which you can conduct the tests by yourselves. You can consider the following steps then.

  • Make sure to go along the manufacturer’s guidance on how to do it.
  • Clean your hand thoroughly.
  • Gather only the quantity of blood needed.
  • Do not be afraid to check the reading again if you believe that it is not right, but make sure to utilize another meter.
  • Sanitize your meter as regularly as needed.
  • Make sure that you document the date and time or the outcome of your blood sugar testing.

Tips on How to Read the Blood Sugar Tests Accurately

Besides the 6 essential tips mentioned above, there are also tips that revolve around how to read the blood sugar tests. This comprises the last five tips on blood sugar testing.

1. Make sure that the strips are still fresh. See the manufacturer’s date.
2. Safeguard the strips against the damaging effect of heat, light and humidity so that it will not depreciate.
3. Check if the battery is depleted so that the results can be precise.
4. Make sure to store an excellent data of all the tests you performed. Talk about the blood sugar objective scales with your doctor. Plus, make sure that you talk about the right time to alter your diabetes concerns such as food, exercise, medicines as well as insulin dosages.
5. Once you have read the blood sugar testing results, you will certainly know more about how you should treat your disorder. In which case then, you are recommended to surrender yourself to some particular treatments for diabetes.

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