What Is the Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat in 2 Months?

Burning the fat cell in the belly region is not a quick task. You need consistency, time and a workout program to lose the belly fat. Any single exercise cannot guarantee a flat belly. A combination of exercises coupled with a proper diet plan will give you the best result.

While aerobics, power yoga and Pilates are some good choices to lose the belly fat, there are some exceptional workout programs specifically created to lose belly fat and have proved their effectiveness from time to time.

Some of these workouts focus mainly on one type of exercises while others combine cardio, aerobics and strength training exercises for the same. Among all these workout programs, it is hard to decide what is the best exercise to lose belly fat in two months?

To end your dilemma, we have handpicked the most successful workout program for you to lose your belly fat. We will discuss in detail about its origin, exercises, and proper ways to those exercises, its benefits and tips and tricks to help you get through.

Stronglifts 5*5

Stronglifts 5*5 is a modern approach to the 1960 workout program created for Arnold Schwarzenegger by his body coach Reg Park. The program consists of five strength training exercises namely Squats, Deadlift, Barbell Row, Overhead Press and Bench Press.

Each exercise only uses free weights. The five exercises are divided into two groups of three exercises with squats being common in both the groups. The workout suggests alternate days of exercise also alternating between the two sets.

The two sets are conveniently named set A and set B. Set A consists of squat, barbell row and bench press while set B consists of squat, deadlift and overhead press.

You follow the workout program as:

Set A one day gap Set B one day gap Set A one day gap and so on

Stronglifts was designed to build muscles and simultaneously burn fat. It aims at building a stronger body rather than just a fluffy one.

The benefits, correct procedures and starting weights of all the exercises have been discussed below.

1. Squats

Squat is the best exercise to build body mass and the main exercise of stronglifts 5*5 as well. As compared to any other strength training exercise, squats is the only one which uses all of the body muscles and releases comparatively more growth hormones than any other exercise. It builds thigh muscles to build your lower body. It does not mainly focus on the belly region but is a crucial exercise in the program to lose the bell fat.

What is squat?

Squat is a simple free weight exercise. You only require a gym rod and some weights to do squats. Stand straight and hold the rod with free weights on the back side of your shoulder. Now go down by bending your knees and come back up the same way.

How to properly do squats?

To get the best out of squats without hurting yourself, follow these simple instructions.

  1. Always stand straight.
  2. Separate your legs to hip width.
  3. Lower your head and place it under the rob resting on the rack.
  4. Hold the rods at the markings with your thumbs stretched out and lift it upon the backside of your shoulders.
  5. Move back a little from the rack.
  6. Bend your knees to bring your body down with the weight.
  7. While coming down, keep your legs and back straight.
  8. If possible, make sure that your hips are below your knees.
  9. Come back up slowly and repeat the same process.

Frequency: 5 sets of 5 reps each

Starting Weight: 20 kg

Addition: 2.5 kg with each session

2. Bench Press

The bench press is the best exercise to build your upper body strength. It targets five muscle areas – the forearms, shoulders, chest, abdomen and the leg muscles. Unlike squat, this exercises directly works on your belly fat.

What is bench press?

Bench press requires a half bench, gym rod (barbell) and some free weights. You lie down on the bench facing upwards and lift the barbell. Bring down the barbell to your chest while keeping it balanced and then push it back up. Repeat the same process again.

How to properly do Bench Press?

To get the best out of bench press without hurting yourself, follow these simple instructions.

  1. Use a bench press set.
  2. Lie down on the bench so that the barbell is straight in your line of sight.
  3. Make sure that both your feet completely touch the ground on either side of the bench.
  4. Now hold the rod at the markings and lift the same.
  5. Always have a marksman while doing bench press.
  6. Slowly bring down the barbell to your chest while balancing your body with your legs.
  7. Now push back the barbell until your elbows lock.
  8. Rest for 1-2 seconds and then repeat the same.

Frequency: 5 sets of 5 reps each

Starting Weight: 20 kg

Addition: 2.5 kg with each session

3. Deadlift

Unlike other exercises of this program, deadlift requires heavier free weights from the very first day. Deadlift may seem easy but it engages more muscles than squats.

What is deadlift?

Deadlift is simple yet compound strength building exercise. It burns a lot of fat and simultaneously releases heavy amounts of growth hormones.

How to properly do Deadlift?

To get the best out of deadlift without hurting yourself, follow these simple instructions.

  1. Place the barbell with weights on the floor and stand beside it.
  2. Bend from your hips while slightly bending your knees as well.
  3. Pull up the barbell up to your knee level.
  4. Then swing in your hips to pull the barbell further up to your waist level.
  5. Keep your hands straight.
  6. Hold it like this for some time.
  7. Drop the barbell and repeat again.

Frequency: 1 set of 5 reps

Starting Weight: 40 kg

Addition: 5 kg with each session

4. Overhead Press

Overhead press is the best exercise to build strong shoulders and to work on your upper body strength. It directly focuses on stomach muscles too reducing belly fat.

How to properly do Overhead Press?

To get the best out of overhead press without hurting yourself, follow these simple instructions.

  1. Start light.
  2. Use the deadlift technique to pull up the barbell off the ground.
  3. After waist height, give the barbell a little jerk and pull is at your shoulder level.
  4. Now push it overhead until your elbows are locked.
  5. Bring back to shoulder level and then continue the same.

Frequency: 5 sets of 5 reps each

Starting Weight: 20 kg

Addition: 2.5 kg with each session

5. Barbell Row

Barbell row is a fairly simple exercise and works on shoulder, thighs, stomach, arms and chest muscles. See the video for complete and detailed instructions.

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